Sunday, January 13, 2008


My body is protesting. It's over the long hours. This weekend I slept about 24 hours. I slept Friday night, almost all day Saturday, and had a little cat nap today. I'm not sick. I haven't been going out partying. So the only explanation is that my body is in protest about residency. I have to agree with it. I'm tired of this. What was I thinking when I decided I wanted to be a doctor? And what was I smoking when I decided to join the military? I am so not military. I don't like wearing boots. I don't starch my uniform. I can't remember ranks. I don't like guns. I believe in love, not war.

How in the world did I get here? I suppose God led me down this path. I just hope He knows what He's doing. :)

Now it's back to... you guessed it, BED!


g9ine said...
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g9ine said...

Just remember you're a captain. You have two bars. Someone with one bar resents your two doctor bars because you skipped over the fun of having one bar.

If you see stripes, you outrank them or are coming off a long shift. If they have anything else, they outrank you.