Monday, December 31, 2007

Back to the grind

I am back from my one glorious week of vacation. I flew to southern Virginia, where my parents live. I enjoyed 7 full days of sleeping in, eating home-cooked food, and vegging on the couch. It was fantastic. I was so sad to fly back on Sunday night. I have never dreaded going back to work so much. Not that work is BAD... it's just the hours were wiping me out, and so the thought of returning for another 6 months of intern year was depressing. But I suppose that's a glass-half-empty attitude. A glass-half-full person would say, "Wow, I'm halfway done with intern year!" I am trying to be more optimistic. Affirmative thinking, right? I can do it!! 6 more months!

Last night I worked on the ward. We had a 3 month old baby come in that seriously looked like a little Michelin man (hence the picture above). It was hilarious. I walked in and almost started laughing (thankfully my social tact kicked in and I laughed on the inside). Then I wondered to myself if that's what doctors thought when they saw me as a baby. I was also a really fat baby. My mom says my Korean grandmother thought babies should eat as much as possible so every time I cried she stuck a bottle in my mouth. There are pictures and home movies of me looking almost like the little Michelin baby I saw last night. So I guess I shouldn't poke too much fun at this kid. It just cracked me up, though.

Happy New Year! :)

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