Thursday, September 6, 2007

New hobby

I've discovered a new way to release my stress: gardening! My mom has always been into gardening, and she used to try to share her hobby with me when I was younger, but at the time I had no interest. Now that I have my own house, it's a little more appealing. Also because I spend so much time inside the hospital, it's nice to be outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunlight. But man, it's hard work! I spent two hours weeding today and barely made a dent in my backyard. It's FULL of weeds. My back is hurting, my neck is sore, and I have itchy red marks all over my legs. But it was rewarding. I have a vision for my yard. It will be my oasis.

Meanwhile work goes on. I'm now fully immersed in internship. No longer can I say, "Well it's only my first week!" I'm working in the clinic this month, which is fairly low stress. Next month I'll be in the NICU... which scares me. I did a rotation in the NICU last year as a med student, but it's going to be a very different experience as an intern. But I suppose I will get through it, just as everyone before me has. I cleared another obstacle last week - Step 3! It's over, yay!! Now I have to play the waiting game. It will be 3 or 4 weeks before I find out if I passed. PRAY!

Now it's time for well-deserved sleep. Goodnight! :)

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