Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's all about the benjamins

I had my 26th birthday this weekend, woohoo!! I know 26 isn't really a landmark birthday, but I wanted to have a big celebration anyway because 1) It's my intern year and there are rarely occasions to go out and let loose, and 2) It's the one time of year when you can act like a kid and demand that the world revolve around you. Just kidding about that last part. Well, not really. But anyway, Friday night I had a birthday dinner at a really nice restaurant downtown. A few residents were there, as well as my good friends Kimberly and Jenn (Kimberly's my old roomie and a medical student, here on a rotation; Jenn's a friend from Maryland who had flown in to visit for a few days). After our fantastic dinner, we headed to a club across the street called Suede. I had never been there before, but one of my friends said it was supposed to be a great place to go dancing. So we walked into this place and headed to the bar for some birthday drinks. I had a buttery nipple, one of my favorite shots (despite the naughty name, haha). We stood and chatted for awhile, then the ladies started gettin our groove on. We were probably the only people dancing in the room, but I didn't care because - it was my birthday! Then, in the middle of a Justin Timberlake song, something really strange and random happened. I heard some noise from the balcony above and I looked over at Jenn and saw that she had stopped dancing and was staring up at the balcony with a confused look. There was a blonde guy standing there smiling, and it might have been construed as harmless flirtation had it not been for his entourage of beautiful young women with implants and low-cut dresses. Then he dropped a small paper object, and I watched as Jenn reached out for it. It slipped through her fingers and fell to the floor and everybody seemed to freeze as she reached down and picked it up. Then I saw it - Benjamin Franklin's face. "Jenn, is that a hundred dollar bill???" She looked up, dazed, and said, "Yeah, I think it is." I was stunned. "Did that really just happen??" I asked. She nodded and we both looked back up to the balcony. The blonde man and his entourage were smiling at us and giving us the thumbs up. I looked around and everyone was staring at the hundred dollar bill, mouths wide open. Jenn stuffed the bill in her pocket and said, "I'm going to the bathroom." So we ran off to the bathroom and once inside, we inspected the bill more closely. It looked genuine. We continued to be amazed for the remainder of the night, and the bill stayed in Jenn's pocket until we got home. Then I took the picture of Jenn that's posted here, just to prove that it really happened. Who was that guy? And why did he throw a hundred bucks at us? I'll never know. But for one night, it was all about the benjamins baby. Hahahah.


Carey said...

Happy Birthday, Linda! September 15th always comes and I think of it being your b'day. Glad to read you had such an interesting and fun day :)

g9ine said...

That is totally blog worthy!!

And what do you mean you get to act like a kid and like the world revolves around you on your birthday? You can't do that every day? Oops! My bad. Maybe I should stop.