Tuesday, June 30, 2009

That's why your mom always told you...

No running with pencils!!

We had a patient come into the PICU who had a pencil stuck in her eye.  This isn't a picture of her, but it's probably what she looked like in the ER before she went to the operating room.  She apparently was running with a pencil, tripped and fell, and rammed the pencil through her eye socket.  Amazingly enough (and miraculously for her!) the pencil just missed her globe and went right next to it through her orbital canal and into the front part of her brain, missing all of her critical eye structures.  She didn't lose any vision, her muscles weren't injured, and there was no brain bleed.  In the OR they removed the pencil and cleaned out the wound, and she was brought to the PICU with a bandage over her eye.  I think she's still on the ward for antibiotics, but overall she was an extremely lucky girl!!  When I told her she was lucky, she replied, "Yeah, I know.  And I'm even luckier because I get to go to Sea World."  Uh, managing not to lose an eye vs. Sea World??  I'd rather have my eye.  Crazy kid.

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