Thursday, April 30, 2009

Attitude adjustment

Lately I've been so negative.  If not out loud, then definitely in my thoughts.  I need to change my attitude.  Below are two ways I can think about my work week, negative vs. positive.

I have been SO tired lately!  This rotation is kicking my butt.  We have to do all these stupid assignments and the cardiologists are making me drive all over the city to follow them around.  Monday I had to drive 3 HOURS each way to Ft. Hood and tomorrow I have to go to two hospitals to sit and listen to an EKG talk that I've already heard, ugh!  I have no energy, I'm tired of this rotation, and I'm tired of residency.  Maybe I shouldn't have been a doctor.

Wow, I have really been working hard this rotation!  But I've been learning a LOT, and it will help me in the long run.  It's a tough rotation for sure, with all these tests and assignments.  But I've passed everything so far and it's a learning process, even if it is painful at times.  What a privilege that I get to work with these cardiologists, who are renowned in their field.  I get one-on-one teaching with them and I see some great cases by going to all these hospitals.  And even though I've heard the EKG talk before, I am certainly not an expert so I'm sure I'll learn something tomorrow.  Residency is tiring - I knew that going into it.  But I trust that this is where I'm meant to be, and God will give me rest and the strength I need to do this.

If only I could think positively all the time.  But it feels so unnatural and phony.  I suppose if I make a conscious effort to change my thoughts like that, then over time it will happen more and more naturally.  Well that's it for today.  Off to work!  :)


g9ine said...

I am right in that boat with you. And it's a small boat. And I'm thinking why doesn't L-Boogie get boogeyin'. I mean paddle already. Let's go.

Then I think, "Hey! I'll be positive. I should be grateful that we're spending this quality time together. Misery loves company."


Just jokin'. But seriously, my mind naturally goes to the negative in most things. And it's almost physically painful to think positively.

I've always thought it ironic that my blood type is B+. So, it's in me, if I can just get out of my way and let it come out.

I do believe that your conclusion is correct-o-mundo.

Linda said...

I'm A+! So it's in me too!! I'm workin on it... Thanks for the comment, Chris! I'm glad we still keep in touch.