Monday, July 16, 2007

The Pest Western

I just have to say the hotel I'm staying at is disgusting. I will not name the hotel, but I think you can probably guess from my title (I thought it was a pretty clever little pun). I awoke several mornings last week to find extremely large cockroaches running through my bathroom. Imagine being all half-awake, stumbling over to the toilet for your morning pee... and all of a sudden you see this nasty black thing scurrying across the tile. I screamed. And then I threw the shampoo bottle at it. I was so disgusted I couldn't even bring myself to throw the dead bug away, so I left a little surprise for the maid. Oops.

Turns out the cockroaches were coming up through the shower drain. How disgusting is that. Apparently I'm supposed to close the drain when I'm not using it. The hotel owners were really nice, they came and sprayed the room for me. Gosh, I'm such a girl. I get freaked out by bugs. My mom's not girly. She kills bugs with her bare hands. She always said (with her Korean accent), "Why you afraid of bug, Ninda? You bigger than the bug!" I love my mom. She cracks me up.

That's my story for the day. Now it's time to study. :)


g9ine said...

Why you gotta be so graphic in your blog? Morning pee? Eeewwww!

I'm impressed you hit la cucaracha with the shampoo bottle. You can't be that tired from your crazy residency hours.

Your mom cracks me up too. "You bigger than bug Ninda. You have big feet. Big feet good for stomping on little bug or for kicking little man from CO putting these words in my mouth."

Stephanie said...

I am staying at a Best Western right now too!!! I didn't read the whole blog...I don't want to have nightmares that I am going to wake up to an even more horrible situation than I am in right now...good luck with the cockroaches